About us

Once upon a time…

Our story began around 1930 in a small village of the municipality of of San Miniato when the Gemignani family discovered that the famous White Truffle was being collected in the woods of the hills in which they lived so they started to buy truffles from local truffle hunters in order to sell them to the merchants who came through San Miniato.

Over four generations this special family trade has been handed down from father to son. It is now in the hands of Filippo who, with the invaluable help of his family, continues it with passion and experience.

We create in our laboratory “precious truffle specialities” to let food lovers taste the truffle the whole year, giving primary importance to the meticulous selection of the raw materials, respecting in the artisanal cycle of production the traditional recipies with a careful attention to the modern high art of cooking.

Today the Company embodies a modern firm representative of the excellence of the Made in Italy that combines passion and know how with food manufacturing efficiency always looking at the future trends of the modern gastronomy. Our products are distributed by the best Italian shops and worldwide by specialised importers.

Our recipes are prepared only with the truffles selected with care and high quality raw materials; they are gluten, colorants and preservatives free.

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Mercato Tartufi